USH Tilley Expedition & Walking Sock Rental

Rent this great gear for your Antarctica expedition in our online store and pick it up in Ushuaia.

You may elect to:

  • Have it delivered to your pre-stay hotel in Ushuaia
  • Or, we can deliver it to you onboard your expedition vessel at embarkation
  • In either case, try it on right away, make sure it fits (so we can quickly exchange it if it doesn't).

RETURNING YOUR RENTAL GEAR? Place your rental gear into the same sac in which you received it and our representative will retrieve it from you onboard your vessel just prior to disembarkation.

In the "Comments" field found during check-out, please indicate your arrival date in Ushuaia and the name and dates of your pre-stay hotel.

There is no security deposit charged for our rental gear. Please understand, failure to return the gear, will result in a gear replacement charge made to the same credit card you used to place your order. Thank you.

These are the most comfortable socks you'll ever wear! Specifically designed for walking and hiking, they're warm in the winter, spring, and fall, and quite comfortable in the summer.

A perfect compliment with our Arctic Sport Boots, they have these Special Features:

  • US Shoe Sizes
  • Assorted Colors
  • Thoroughly cleaned after every rental
  • Made primarily of fine 'itchless' Merino wool (63%) for softness, they wick moisture better than any other fabric - most important for staying warm and dry
  • Teflon in the toe and heel to reduce blister-causing friction - an incredible benefit when you spend the day or consecutive days putting one foot in front of the other
  • A stretch nylon component gives them strength and durability
  • A lycra component gives them support and shape retention
  • All of it combined gives you incredible cushioning, comfort, and security around your instep and arch
  • Wash 'em by hand and they dry overnight.
  • They're guaranteed to be UNHOLeY for 3 years.

PRICE:  $15.00 

Options Available:

Expedition Sock Size: